Rhianna Catt
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Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker

Patterns of Control
  -    -    -  Patterns of Control

Patterns of Control was a project exploring domestic abuse, drawing on my own personal experience but also reading into others experiences and some of the common things many people will experience. 6 objects were used to describe different areas of control such as,


Coat hanger: What you wear and how you look
Keys: Where you go
Necklace: Identity
Painkillers: How you feel
Wallet: Financial Control
Cigarette Packet: How to react


The images are printed through steel photo etchings, and wool was mono printed on top in red. The wool was to represent this control and how you could be tangled within it. Each image is printed in 6 different combinations of colours and papers. The 36 prints are then placed in a grid along side letterpress prints, of lines of text which were used in my relationship to manipulate and control me. Such as, ‘It is only because I love you’ and ‘You have no right to feel hurt’.


The series of work was intended to be an installation however due to the current situation of Covid-19 that has not been achievable.