Rhianna Catt
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Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker

  -    -    -  Aftermath

Aftermath, was the project culminating my bachelors degree in Illustration and Visual Media at UAL, being my Final Major Project. The project explores PTSD, especially in woman but not exclusively who have been affected by sexual assault, rape and domestic abuse. Looking at memory and how trauma effects memory, I have created an autoethnographic response using the ideas of memory, touch, fragmentation, triggers and recovery. The outcome demonstrates this idea of life and memory falling apart and the effort to try and put it all back together again.

The final outcome is an A3 Hardcover book with the images completed using intaglio printing techniques specifically photo, soft ground and photopolymer etching, and the cover is printed using a photopolymer plate and hand set lead type on a letterpress press.

The images within the book are also editioned and are currently available to purchase.